Monday, 25 March 2013

Dental Care Tips for Diabetics

If you are a diabetes person, make sure that you care enough for your mouth as most of the diabetes patients are at a risk of mouth infections. The major infectious disease that may affect diabetes patients are, dry mouth, gum inflammation, poor healing of oral tissues and burning mouth and/or tongue. Chance of thrush and periodontal diseases is higher for diabetes patients with smoking habit.  It is necessary to follow good dental care practices as they are more prone to harmful oral infections. MIDAC here has mentioned some tips for maintaining strong teeth.

  • Keep your blood sugar close to normal
  • Tell your dentist about the status of your diabetes during each visit  
  • Before setting up a treatment for periodontal disease consult your diabetes doctor 
  • Give a brief list of diabetes medications and dosages to your dentist
  • If your blood sugar is not in good control, postpone nonemergency dental care procedures 

Keep these tips in mind to maintain good dental health. Oral illness can be treated well if proper medications and good hygiene is followed. 
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